Anak Agung Gede Wira Merta, also known as Amer, was born in Gianyar in 1992. He inherited his artistic talents from his father, who is also a wood sculptor. Amer has completed his studies at the Indonesian Art Institute, majoring in painting.

His artworks are greatly influenced by the style of Van Gogh, characterized by distinctive colors and brushstrokes that immediately identify them as his own. The themes he explores mostly revolve around self-reflection and the surrounding environment. They are also influenced by various religious factors amidst the cultural activities that he, like any Balinese person, is actively involved in.

Amer predominantly uses acrylic as his medium of choice in his artworks thus far. He is one of the artists at Mural Bali Studio and actively teaches visual arts at an international school in Denpasar.

You can explore his collection exclusively at the Mural Bali Gallery through the link below.

I Gede Agustinus Darmawan, also known as Timbool, was born in Badung on August 10, 1985. Since 2011, he has consistently been developing a technique for creating natural dyes from local plants, which are processed in an environmentally friendly manner as his commitment to addressing environmental pollution issues. Almost 90% of his artworks, created together with the children under his care in the foundation he established, maximize the use of organic materials that can decompose quickly in nature.

Timbool began his artistic journey since elementary school and continued his studies at the Indonesian Art Institute Denpasar. As one of the artists engaged in sacred traditional art in the village of Blungbang, he is actively involved in art activities as the owner of Zaba Cukka Art Foundation, painting on canvas, and as one of the artists at Mural Bali Studio.

His unique artworks, characterized by a realistic style and the use of natural colors, have received much appreciation in Bali. He is currently busy developing products that can be derived from natural materials and conducting numerous workshops and seminars on ogoh-ogoh, a traditional Balinese sculpture, made from natural materials. Most of his canvas paintings revolve around everyday social life while incorporating Balinese accessories as icons of Balinese culture. His murals often convey strong messages about the global issue of plastic waste, which has become his signature theme.

You can explore his collection exclusively at the Mural Bali Gallery through the link below.

Lorenz Angelia Rieza Pangestuty, also known as Icha Capunk, is the founder and project manager at Mural Bali Studio. Born in Jakarta in 1990, she completed her studies at the Indonesian Art Institute Denpasar. Her sensitivity as an interior designer has greatly assisted Mural Bali’s clients in obtaining mural artworks that align with their interior design themes. 

She was influenced by so many artist’s painting styles, but with the time she fell in love with watercolor sketches, and also her continues line art has a very unique style.

Her fondness for spending time creating small sketches amidst her activities has accumulated over six years’ worth of collections, which are then carefully selected and displayed on this website. Most of her artworks revolve around her visual experiences, encompassing anything in front of her, including the playful exploration of various artworks on social media.

Some of her digital works are also available as limited-edition prints.

You can explore her collection exclusively at the Mural Bali Gallery through the link below.

Nyoman Handi Yasa was born in Buleleng, Bali, in 1990. As an abstract artist, he draws inspiration from the traditional wayang puppets. All of his works exhibit unique forms with a naive brush stroke. He completed his education at the Indonesian Institute of Arts in Denpasar, majoring in fine arts painting, and began his first collective exhibition in 2010. Since then, his works have gained several individual collectors.

All of his artworks at his solo exhibition in Bali, titled “Dance A Sheet Of Life,” held in 2020 was sold out. Currently, he remains active, transforming his art into more conventional forms with brighter colors. Previously, Nyoman Handi’s works displayed an eccentric impression, characterized by unique material choices as his painting media.

Nyoman continues to actively participate in various collective exhibitions in Bali and abroad, alongside other intriguing artists. You can explore his collection exclusively at the Mural Bali Gallery through the link below.

I Made Ardee Wiyasa A.K.A Sangut was born in Bali at 1989 and finished his study at Indonesia Art Institute Denpasar with Fine art Painting as his major.

Sangut began his curiosity towards plastic waste processing in 2016, when he successfully processed his own plastic waste to make wallets, which he continues to develop to this day. In 2020, during the pandemic, he started experimenting with creating paintings using plastic waste, undergoing a lengthy manual process, especially during the heating stage. Over time, Sangut’s work has garnered much appreciation from his community due to his skill in turning waste into art. Now, his colleagues and relatives also gather plastic waste for him to use as his artistic medium.

Mural Bali Gallery recognizes the uniqueness of his process and the results he presents in his work. All of Sangut’s pieces are made from 100% household-scale plastic waste that he collects from his own waste as well as from friends and colleagues.

We hope you can enjoy his work and support Sangut in his efforts to reduce plastic waste on the island of Bali.

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