This work is a manifestation of his identity as a Balinese person who is inseparable from ceremonial activities and their paraphernalia. The idea originated when his mother was preparing the ceremonial paraphernalia for Galungan, one of which was making sampian cili.

Sampian cili is a beautifully arranged coconut leaf ornament, symbolizing the power of beauty and fertility. Sampian cili is usually placed at the top of a penjor (a tall bamboo pole adorned with coconut leaf ornaments) placed in front of the house. The intricate, unique, beautiful, and captivating arrangement, along with its profound philosophy, inspired me to paint the sampian cili.

He didn’t just move the object, but also developed it by incorporating a native female figure and using a close-up composition. The intention is to emphasize the beauty so that the meaning of sampian cili can be easily understood.

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Dimensions 40 × 60 cm

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