Balinese Dog #2


Natural Ink Color on Canvas 20cm x 25cm.

shipping from Bali-Indonesia.


In this series of artworks, Timbool takes on the theme of the Bali dog, which is commonly known as the peanut dog. This series is inspired by narratives that mention how the Bali dog has been oppressed in its own land, particularly in recent years when many Bali dogs have been killed due to accusations of rabies, whether intentional or not. Their prominence has been overshadowed by foreign dog breeds in their own land.

Timbool adds Balinese ornament icons as a means to reinforce the image of Bali. This painting is created using natural paint made from local plants, employing watercolor techniques on canvas. It showcases one of the unique aspects of the artist, who has consistently been working with natural dyes since 2011.

The artist always strives to use natural materials in their artwork, utilizing environmentally friendly media as part of their efforts to reduce pollution.

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